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Grand Canyon at Sunset
photo by David F Menne
This photo was taken on tour in July, 2002
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We ONLY do "CUSTOM PRIVATE TOURS" to the Grand Canyon Music Festival.

See our "Grand Canyon Tours" page for suggested tour itineraries to The Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours by Tour The Southwest .com take you to great overlooks, points of interest, and exhibits. We offer first-class custom itineraries for all of our tours that are unique and personal. We teach as we travel, conducting educational tours that put you in touch with the people and the environment that we visit.  Our Grand Canyon tour guides can make a significant difference in the quality of your visit. They will be sure you do not miss those places that are often overlooked due to a lack of information or time, helping you to enjoy the best the Grand Canyon has to offer.

Sample Tour Itinerary & Details

After leaving the Flagstaff Arizona area, we will travel through part of the largest ponderosa forest on the continent, containing tens of thousands of acres.  This journey is also well known for it’s beautiful forests of Quaking Aspen, whose fall colors are stunning during the month of October. Climbing to over 8000 feet (2438 meters) in elevation we pass the classic beauty of the San Francisco Peaks, the highest mountains in Arizona at 12633 feet (3,850 meters).  All the mountains in this area are part of the second largest volcanic area in the United States.   Descending from this higher mountain area, we soon pass Red Mountain.   This unique geologic area contains a red and orange formation somewhat similar to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  We continue our descent  to a part of the Colorado Plateau were we often see antelope in the open plains.

On our arrival at the small Grand Canyon Village your guide will first do a drive-by and point out all the best places to visit.  He will help you locate the more interesting places in the Village Historic District. He will also show you some good places for a snack or meal.   your guide will happily accompany you on this part of your walking tour.  You can stroll along the South Rim trails and visit historic buildings and museums.  You will select your own restaurant, or if your wish, feel free to bring your own sack lunch.

You can even descend a short distance below the rim on the Bright Angel Trail to get a quick feel for the difficulty of hiking in this Seventh Wonder of the World.  If you are fortunate, you may even spot a bighorn sheep along the trail, an American Bald Eagle, or a California condor flying over the canyon’s greatness. On a recent Grand Canyon tour we saw nine different condors. On another of our recent Grand Canyon day tours we saw elk, antelope, a bighorn sheep and a coyote.

Your group may also decide to include a stop at the new South Rim Visitor's Center.  The Visitors' Center at Grand Canyon Village displays information regarding the history and geology of the Canyon.

Famous view points available on the Hermit's Rest part of the tour include Maricopa Point, Powell Point, Hopi Point, Mohave Point, The Abyss, Pima Point and Hermit's Rest.  Historic sites of interest include Powell Point, The Orphan Mine, Hermit's Camp (as viewed from the rim), and Hermit's Rest.

The driving part of this tour may include some other major viewpoints such as Yavapai, Mather and Grand View Points.  As you travel and on location, your guide will share his depth of information on the geology, flora and fauna, anthropology, and geology of the Grand Canyon and South Rim plateau.

We ONLY do "CUSTOM PRIVATE TOURS" to the Grand Canyon Music Festival.

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