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Average Tour Day

All of our tour days include many scenic stops and site visits.  We will average stops every 30 minutes and seldom travel longer that 40 or 50 minutes without a stop.  We try to maintain a great deal of flexibility, not sticking to a tight schedule.  Due to weather and other factors, one particular viewpoint may not be very appealing, but another one just down the road may be spectacular.  Some viewpoints may require more time for things like photographs due to a special weather event such as a rainbow or other unique lighting.  Weather delays or traffic events may also cause a delay and we try to include extra travel time in every day for such unavoidable situations as well as spectacular viewpoint opportunities.

An average tour day will begin at about 8:30 am after having breakfast and loading up the tour vehicle.  Either during breakfast or right after loading up the vehicle we will review the day’s plans and what can be expected through the day.  We also will have reviewed the day’s planned activities during dinner on the previous evening.  We discuss what the weather may be like during the day and what type of clothing you should probably wear or keep handy.

Each day will include many short walks to and alongside different viewpoints and within sites, such as Indian Ruins and Museums.  We will spend a lot of time "exploring" all the different locations on your itinerary.  We usually have a number of “optional” hikes to special sites planned for a tour. At mid-day we usually have a sit down restaurant lunch, but may have a box lunch if a special back-country event or location is planned.

If the entire group has a request for a site or activity not included on the regular itinerary, we will often try to include such a request when possible.

We usually try to arrive at the evening accommodations in time to freshen up before the evening meal.

Our tour days and locations are different than what are offered by most other tour companies.