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Why Choose Us

A Note From the Owner, David Menne

It has been my delight to travel and tour throughout the Western USA for over 50 years. If was a fulfillment of a childhood dream when my family moved from Texas to the Southwest where I could enjoy for the first time majestic mountains and deep, glorious canyons. While on tour I am often asked, "What is your favorite park?" I always reply, "The one that I am in right now!" That is because they are all quite spectacular at all times of the year. Sharing the glory and beauty of the West with our guests continues to be a great joy of mine and of all of our guides.

Why should you use our services?

Reason #1 ~ We Care, We Really Care

We are all about service. We are dedicated to providing you with the best tour of any kind in the wonderful scenic areas of the Western United States.  We strive to be the most educational, enjoyable, and informative tour on the market.  We truly appreciate you, our customers, and will go the extra 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mile (literally). We offer more sites, more activities, better transportation, better restaurants, and better accommodations.

We want you to ride with us.  We want everyone you know to ride with us.  We guarantee that we will work hard to make this happen. We put our heart and soul into every tour from the planning stage through the end of the tour. We want you to have a tour experience you will remember the rest of your life, one you will look back on with great fondness. The quality of your experience is of paramount importance to us. We will do everything we can to make that happen because we truly care and we feel we have a moral obligation to give each and every client the best for what they have invested. We know it is about you and not about us.

Reason #2 ~ We Give You More for Your $

We give you more for your investment. There are no "hidden" additional charges. All tour expenses are included in our price and our custom tour price quotes. We want to make money, sure, but we will never sacrifice your experience for our bottom line.  We offer a premium tour at affordable prices.  If you carefully compare "apples to apples", you should find that our prices are less than other tour companies if they offer a similar quality of service. We have never had a customer who said that our tour was not worth the investment.

Reason #3 ~ We Take You To More Tour Sites, By Far!

We love introducing people to places that the casual tourist would miss.  We know where to find some of those special, unique and interesting places. We stop OFTEN. We seldom travel for more than 30 or 40 minutes without stopping. We don't want you to miss anything worthwhile.

Reason #4 ~ We Like to Avoid Crowds

Because we are so familiar with the parks of the Southwest, we know when and where to visit specific sites.  We also know when to visit sites for the best lighting and colors, which is of special interest to photographers. 

Reason # 5 ~ We Have Amazing Guides

Our guides are the most dedicated, informative, helpful, and engaged people you will ever get to know. They are extremely dedicated to what they do because they love our wonderful scenic areas and they love sharing them with others. Most of our guides have grown up and lived in the area, developing a significant knowledge of and an appreciation for all of our natural and historical wonders.

Reason #6 ~ We Love to Share Adventure

Your desire to go on a tour says that you want to do something different, enjoyable, fun, educational, and/or exciting. Your definition of adventure may be just a change in coffee flavors or it might be "running rapids on the Colorado River". But in either case, we hope to stretch you a little bit and share with you some places, views, and activities that go beyond words to describe. Our activities such as hiking or river rafting are always optional, but we do make them available for the more adventuresome. Those not participating in such activities will always have something else to do or see that will be worthwhile and enjoyable.

Reason #7 ~ We Are Small Enough to Make a BIG Difference

As a David, I relate to "David", the little guy. My competition is "Goliath", the big guy. Goliath is the national and international company, doing thousands and even tens of thousands of tours each year. We do more for you because we are personally involved in every aspect of our services. To the large companies, you are just a number going on a numbered tour. To us, you are a person with hopes and dreams, a person who also has something to share with us and with your traveling companions, and a person with whom we hope to become friends.

Reason # 8 ~ Stories, Geology, Flora & Fauna, History, and MORE

We always have more to share, more to teach, and more stories to tell than we will ever have time for. Even so, we research, we web-search, and we physically search for the most accurate information available. We want you to see and understand the big picture. Everything tends to tie together like a big puzzle, so we try to show you and give you the most important pieces of that puzzle. Even though we have been at this for a long time, we are always using our knowledge and experience to create new and memorable experiences for our guests.

We also know when to be quiet, sensitive, amazed, and reverent.

Reason # 9 ~ TRUST

Simply put, you can trust us to do what we say we will do. We will never agree to do a tour if we cannot provide the best possible tour services.