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Our custom designed private tours require a price quote

you will need a custom price quote for the following reasons

Multi-day Custom Private Tour Charge Quotes

We can provide a quote that includes everything except meals, OR

We can provide a "Base Price Per Day" quote that includes just the following items

We will add the following items to your Base Tour Price depending on your itinerary, interests, requests, and needs:

The following items are NOT normally included



other options & charge information

Deposits and other payments can be made using any of the following methods

day tours

Custom Motor coach Tours

Step-on Guide Escorted Tour Services

STEP-ON-guide escort prices for "multi-day" services

Depending on the guides that we have available, their expertise, experience, itinerary and other requested services, and the time of year, our price for a Step-on Guide will vary between $340 and $500 per tour day.  You would pay for all the expenses of the guide including accommodations, meals, and any travel expenses to the beginning and ending locations of the tour, depending on where the guide lives.