Your Source for Custom Designed Private Tour Services of the West & Southwest USA

Step-on-Guides and Escorts for any vehicle, bus or motor coach in the West USA

We offer "Step-on- Guide" Escort services for most locations throughout the West and Southwest USA.

With our "Step on Guide" Escort service one of our professional guides "steps-on" your vehicle or motor coach for one or more tour days.  They travel with you in your vehicle, rented vehicle, bus, or motor coach as your private personal guide.  This service allows for great flexibility in travel plans, individual attention, privacy for your group without the distractions of other unfamiliar individuals, selective accommodations and personal choices for restaurant stops. This service provides for a truly customized tour.  Some of our guides have over twenty years of experience.

value of step-on guides

Our extensive knowledge of the entire West and Southwest USA makes it possible for us to provide you and your group with a most informative and excellent tour to any location you desire to travel to. For an additional charge, we can professionally customize a tour specifically to fit your needs.

Tour The Southwest .com incorporates the most select options in sightseeing locations plus the best in accommodations, meals, and education.  We teach as we tour.  We conduct an education type tour that puts you in touch with the people and the environment that we visit.

We can custom design tours that involve cars, trucks, four-wheel drive vehicles, vans, motor coaches and buses; accommodations; meals; entertainment; special transportation needs; step-on tours; tours for special groups such as entertainers, actors, movie producers, artists and photographers; outdoor oriented tours such as hiking, backpacking, overnight camping; rafting on both smooth and white-water rivers, downhill and cross-country skiing and mountain biking.


guide escort prices for "multi-day" services

Depending on the guides that we have available, their expertise, experience, itinerary and other requested services, and the time of year, our price for a Step-on Guide will vary between $340 and $500 per tour day.  You would pay for all the expenses of the guide including accommodations, meals, and any travel expenses to the beginning and ending locations of the tour, depending on where the guide lives.