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We offer travel planning, itinerary development and booking services.  Through our fee-based services we can help you to sort through the mass of information that is needed to plan a trip to the southwestern or western USA.  Use our experience and knowledge to avoid the mistakes and blunders that can be made when planning it on your own.

The person who works with you will be someone who has traveled to all locations, stayed in the local hotels and eaten in the recommended restaurants. Due to our extensive travels and experience, our accommodation choices have proven to be great places to stay.  We have eaten in many restaurants and know which ones are best for large groups, which ones are more suited for smaller more intimate meals, and, of course, which ones will be the most pleasing to your pallet.  We know the destinations that should be high on your list of places to visit and can help you prioritize those locations and maximize your time.

Time is a valuable asset for all of us.  When someone is not familiar with an area they will have to spend excessive time planning their trip and can still have a great deal of lost travel time due to an itinerary that is not accurate.  “Google” may say that you can get from point A to point B in 60 minutes, but due to road conditions we are familiar with, it may actually take twice that long.  As experienced Southwest and West USA travel planners, we can save you time and money by turning a good trip into a great trip.  You will find that your use of our travel planning services will be a good investment in your overall trip cost.

Our Charges

We charge $60 per hour for most of our services. We have a minimum starting charge of $400. We accept all major credit cards through Zelle, PayPal, checks, and bank wire transfers. There is a $15 fee for wire transfers. The easiest way to make a payment to us is by check or through Zelle. The fastest method is through Zelle.

You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to make a “credit card” payment to us through PayPal. You would just follow their simple instructions to make a safe payment using any of the four major credit cards. 

You tell us what information and services you need and we will give you an estimate of what we will charge.  See the below list of the services that we offer and a list of what we need to know.

Your first ½ hour of telephone consultation is free.

A pre-payment is required to start any work.

Services Offered

Itinerary Development, or select from the many choices we have already planned
Destination recommendations
Hike and walk recommendations
Booking of all accommodations
Recommended accommodations list with current prices, addresses, & all contact information
List of recommended activities
Booking of activities, such as local tours, rafting, local scenic flights, horseback riding, etc.
List of recommended restaurants
Restaurant bookings for groups
Phone consultation
General tips regarding roads, travel time, weather, park entry fees, & local culture


Accommodations will usually be the most expensive part of a trip, especially for a group.  Because we book rooms on a regular basis with many hotels and resorts, we can usually acquire the best price at some of the better locations.

GETTING STARTED~What we usually need to know, depending on the services you request

Which of the above services do you want us to provide.
How many days will you be touring?
What is your budget for hotel rooms?
How many people will there be in each room and how many rooms you will need each night.
What locations would you would like to visit that are especially important to you?
Do you have a preferred beginning and ending point for the tour?
Tell us about your group, its size, ages, etc.

You may want to tell us as much as possible about your trip objectives.  Provide us with any additional information that you think might be helpful.

Sample Quote

For a payment of $400, we estimate that we will be able to provide most of the following information:

Once we receive your payment, one of the FIRST things you may want us to do for you is to put together our recommended accommodations list.  That way you can make reservations ASAP to better insure that you will be able to get them on the dates needed.

Transportation, Flights and Rental Vehicles

We are not a travel agency, so we do not sell or book airline tickets
We also do not make car rental arrangements

What we will provide

We will provide the services requested.
We will usually respond to questions within 24 hours or less.

The majority of our communications will be by e-mail.  Emails will provide you and us with a printed record of your requests, our consultations, and arrangements made.  If required we will call you to confirm information or you can call us if you have questions or want to discuss other options.