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Photography Tours in the Southwest and West USA

Photo of rainbow Bridge in Rainbow Bridge National Monument near Navajo Mountain and accessed by way of Lake Powell or by a long hike.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument
photo by David F Menne
Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved

Our photography tours in the Southwest and Western USA are custom designed for amateur or professional photographers.  We offer unique custom designed photo tours throughout Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California.

SUBJECT-MATER: We specialize in landscape and wildlife photography.  The itinerary for these tours is built around "best lighting" options for specific locations at specific times.  Optimal lighting is particularly important if a photographer hopes to get exceptional landscape photographs.  The "golden" morning and evening light is usually preferred.  Mornings and evenings are also the best times for wildlife encounters.  Our photo tour days are thus long, but rewarding. Travel between sites will occur mid-day. We also offer Wildflower Photography Tours. View photographs of Wildflowers.

Our desert wildflower tours can be especially colorful in good years. Abundant rains in and around October usually provide for better than average spring wildflower blooms.

GUIDES: Our photography tours are led by photographers who are selected for their extensive experience and photography knowledge.  They know the most scenic locations and the best times of day to be in each location. They teach photography theory, concepts, and techniques in the field and while traveling between locations.  Digital cameras, film cameras, printing options, scanning, marketing, computer software, and many other technical aspects of photography can be reviewed and taught depending on your needs and interests.


The charges for most of our tours includes your photography tour guide, transportation in a new model vehicle, accommodations, cold water, and reference materials such as photography guides, travel guides, plant guides and wildlife guides.