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Photo of horseback riders in Monument Valley Navajo Nation Park
Monument Valley Navajo Park
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Monument Valley Navajo Nation Park Custom Tours

This spectacular tour to the awe-inspiring Monument Valley follows a route through portions of the Painted Desert and the Navajo Indian Reservation.   At Monument Valley one sees huge animal shapes, castles, and high pinnacles at every turn of the road. The desolation and expanse of this place gives you a strong feeling of time standing still.  Many artists, photographers and movies starring actors like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and, most recently, Tom Hanks as Forest Gump, have captured the beauty of Monument Valley.  As we approach the famous Goulding Lodge you will begin to see massive sandstone sculptures rise from the desert floor.  The otherworldly experience of Monument Valley is one you'll treasure for years to come.

Your adventure includes a 17-mile tour through the valley with stops at all the historic and scenic views.

Optional four-wheel drive tours are available with a Navajo guide into the back country where you can see a number of Natural Arches, Petroglyphs and ancient Anasazi dwellings only accessible on this guided tour.  Another option available is a horseback ride into Monument Valley, also with a Navajo guide.  Longer trail rides and back country photo tours are also available if you have more than one day available for a tour to Monument Valley.


Depending on time and activities selected while enjoying a CUSTOM PRIVATE TOUR involving Monument Valley, there are a number of interesting places we could visit on our return trip. Some of the available options include:

A custom private "day" tour to Monument Valley from the Flagstaff Arizona area can take from 9 to 12 hours, depending on the number of sites visited and the time spent at each site.  It can also be extended to a two-day or longer tour.