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Hopi Mesa Custom Escorted Private Tours Include the Painted Desert and Navajo Lands

Phoro of Hopi Mesa Native American Potter working in her home, photo copyrighted 2005, all rights reserved.
Hopi Mesa Potter Working in Her Home
Photo © copyright 2005

Visit all three Hopi Mesas, including the oldest continuously inhabited village in North America.  You will personally experience the cultural and visual environment in which these Pueblo Peoples continue to live.  The adobe and sandstone pueblos atop the Hopi mesas remain inhabited and virtually unchanged since long before the sixteenth century Spanish explorers arrived in their search for the Seven Cities of Gold.   You will be welcomed into some of their homes to interact with The People in a personal way.

En route to First, Second, and Third Mesas, you pass through a portion of the Painted Desert, around buttes and by other unique geological formations. You will also experience views of Navajo hogans and their many small camps and villages.

As you travel, your tour guide will share a depth of information on the Geology, flora and fauna, anthropology, and geology of the area. He will also give you an overview of Hopi history and culture. The renowned Nampeyo potters, Hopi basket makers and silversmiths will demonstrate their crafts and offer genuine works for sale at their displays and in the Hopi Cultural Center. The trip includes lunch at the Cultural Center restaurant featuring traditional Hopi and contemporary American food.

You will learn what it is like for them to cope with living in the two world of traditional Hopi and Western culture.  The Hopi came from a group of Southwestern people called Pueblo, and call themselves Hopitu-The Peaceable People.  Their name also means good or wise.

The Hopis live in pueblo villages on smaller isolated mesas, which site as satellites on the southern end of the larger Black Mesa.  Their pueblos are made of stone and mud, and may stand several stories high.  The upper stories are reached by outside ladders.  The Hopi Mesas are steep sided and have wonderful views in all directions.  The pueblo of Oraibi on Third Mesa started around 1050, and is the oldest continuously inhabited village in North America.

For extensive information on the Hopi, go to the Hopi Tribe website.